Allen Walker Photography specialize in setting up exclusive trips to South Africa to do underwater, shark & wildlife photography from Cape Town, Durban to Kosi Bay.

The trips will be hosted by Allen Walker at all times and include training and facilitation of the photographs you would like to get. We work in conjunction with the best operators in the business and watermen that understand the ocean and it’s environment in order for us to tailor make packages suited for small groups with a specific purpose in mind.

We would like to keep the groups small and focused to ensure the best possible product in the market when it comes to shark photography.

It is very important to understand that certain shark species are seasonal and they are wild animals with a will of their own. We will however be in a position to advise what is best for your trip based on our vast resource of local knowledge and skills.

Quotes with suggested itineraries will be done on request and availability via our online booking system.

Photographic training for UWP is also an area we specialize in, our training is tailored to the individuals skill levels and their educational requirements. The training is on location and not in a lecture room.

Click here for more information on future workshops or any individual queries.