About Allen

Allen Walker Photography was always meant to be an extension of Allen Walker, me! A portal, if you may, to access my photographic work and see what I see.

By nature we want to show the world what beauty lies above and beneath and how we as individuals perceive and capture it. I believe images of beauty and creativity will have a far better impact on the drive for conservation than ones showing human destruction.

Behind the scenes I work hard to ensure that conservation issues close to heart are supported in the best way I can. Be this through assistance, imagery, sponsorship, or direct involvement. We do, however, believe that it is important to address issues on our doorstep first! In this way we learn and we can then help others address conservation issues in their spheres.

Of course, with anything comes commercial and public interest and I have catered for this as well.
I specialize in the following fields:
1. Underwater Photography
2. Wildlife Photography
3. Sport Photography
4. Landscape Photography

I am also prepared to venture outside of these genres as well.

“It is not just in humanities interest to protect, conserve and find more efficient ways to use the limited resources on our planet entrusted upon us, but it is the key to our future survival!!”

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