About Allen

Allen Walker Photography was always meant to be an extension of Allen Walker, me! A portal, if you may, to access my photographic work and see what I see.

By nature we want to show the world what beauty lies above and beneath and how we as individuals perceive and capture it. I believe images of beauty and creativity will have a far better impact on the drive for conservation than ones showing human destruction.

Behind the scenes I work hard to ensure that conservation issues close to heart are supported in the best way I can. Be this through assistance, imagery, sponsorship, or direct involvement. We do, however, believe that it is important to address issues on our doorstep first! In this way we learn and we can then help others address conservation issues in their spheres.

I fell in love with underwater photography because of its essence, difficulty and pure rawness, which allows the photographer the freedom to paint his canvas and create art that tells a story. Underwater photography is most probably the truest form of wildlife photography that any photographer can experience. The underwater photographer is extremely limited by equipment and fully exposed to nature and its elements in every conceivable way, no hides, 4×4’s, barriers etc.

The underwater “studio” is a moving, changing and an all encompassing live canvas. It has texture and substance that can be touched and felt, very unlike air. The medium constantly changing and it has many limitations e.g. time, movement, density, light etc. making it a very demanding, yet stimulating to work in, taking it to the next level is a constant goal and Allen loves the challenge to “get the shot”!

I try to highlight the beauty of the ocean and the need for its conservation by using my skills – photography, to show the animals that people fear and kill in a different light, to create beauty, to create compassion and more importantly to show human interaction with these magnificent animals so that there is a sense of connection by the viewer.

“It is not just in humanities interest to protect, conserve and find more efficient ways to use the limited resources on our planet entrusted upon us, but it is the key to our future survival!!”


World Shoot Out

  • Shark Category: 1st Place 2018

Sodwana Bay Annual Underwater Shootout

  • Winner Sodwana Shoot Out 2013
  • Winner Sodwana Shoot Out 2011
  • Numerous Category wins from 2007 to 2013
  • Sodwana Bay Shootout Judge 2014/2015/2016/2018

5th to 7th Annual Photography Masters Cup

  •  Winner in Wildlife Category 2014
  • Nominee in Wildlife Category 2012
  • Nominee in Wildlife Category 2014
  • Nominee in Wildlife Category 2014
  • Nominee in Wildlife Category 2013
  • Nominee in Wildlife Category 2013
  • Nominee in Wildlife Category 2011

Annual International Color Awards

  • 12th Annual International Color Awards – Nominee in Wildlife & Honourable Mention in Wildlife
  • 11th Annual International Color Awards – Nominee in Wildlife & Honourable Mention in Wildlife
  • 10th Annual International Color Awards – Nominee in Wildlife
  • 9th Annual International Color Awards – Nominee in Wildlife; Honourable Mentionin Wildlife; 1st Place – Outstanding Achievement in Wildlife


  • Gold Medal – 2014/15 Shark Photography
  • Runner up – 2014/15 Over/Under
  • Silver Medal – 2012/13 Over/Under
  • Runner up – 2011/12 Shark Photography
  • Silver Medal – 2010/11 Shark Photography
  • Silver Medal – 2010/11 Category: Marine Life
  • Commended – 2010/11 Shark Photography

Durban Undersea Club  Underwater Photographic Shootout

  •  Judge for DUC 2013
  • Judge for DUC 2015
  • Judge Convenor for DUC 2016
  • Judge Convenor for DUC 2017
  • Judge Convenor for DUC 2018


  • Yap Pacific UWP Competition – Winner – Best Shark Image & 2nd Place Overall
  •  2014 DEEP Indonesia  Photo Competition – Bronze in the Animal Behaviour Category
  •  BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year – Semi Finalist 2013 & 2014


Image Credits: R Walker/ O Anderson/G Lecoeur

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